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Selection test

First there are the selection tests which take place once a year in Paris. During this day of tests you will be evaluated on several criteria;

  • physical tests

  • technical tests

  • an aggression test

  • fight

  • an interview with the jury;

If you pass the tests you can claim to pass the first part of the instructor course which consists of 10 days of training called "educational block" during which you will take the G4.


During this period we will teach you the basics to be able to assist an instructor during courses or internships.
You will pass the operator TCCC, which is an alternative to the PSC1, and will participate in a shooting course (done by a professional) to have a technical base allowing you to provide credible lessons to your students on firearm threats . Besides the technical aspect which is dense, we place a lot of emphasis on pedagogy (through specific courses, video supports and a methodology for constructing courses for students) because being very good technically does not does not necessarily mean that one is a good teacher. At the end of the session you will take an exam bringing together all the teaching techniques and courses seen during your training. Passing this exam will give you instructor status and allow you to move on to the next stage: instructor training.


During the last part we will consolidate the basics of the first part: we will go into more technical and educational details. You will also learn how to develop specific training programs and internships based on the groups of students you will meet; how to develop and manage a training structure. You will also have courses on aquatic combat and vehicles (defense against car jacking).
Then you will have a final exam which will last two days validating your knowledge from the entire session.

Being all passionate about quality research, only trainees who have met the required level in the final exam are validated as instructors. Because no failure is definitive, those who have not reached the level to claim to be a monitor or instructor can re-apply the following year or those that follow, after having erased the defects or shortcomings that have been reported to them. During the training, he does not have a strict end-of-day schedule; we have a heavy program and we are taking the time necessary to complete it. On average, a training day lasts 10 to 15 hours.


When you become an instructor, and if you wish to set up a structure to give courses, the federation will support you from a logistical and technical point of view to allow you to start giving your courses. You will be covered by federal insurance as will your students. With us there is no contract uniting you to us, you join a family and your word will be enough (the word is worth the man or the man is worth nothing) you will be able to participate free of charge in all federal courses, the only One thing that the federation asks of you is to retrain yourself at least once a year to consolidate your skills. 

The program is hard and long; it discourages some, our objective is to train good instructors and to pass on what our trainers passed on to us: the taste for effort, which is the reason why we work and train incessantly.

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