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Krav-maga, literally close combat, is originally a method of self-defense of Hungarian-Israeli-Czechoslovak origin combining techniques from boxing, muay-thai, judo, ju-jitsu and wrestling. This method, created by Imi Lichtenfeld, is now a basis for the Israeli army and the Israeli special services to defend themselves in hand-to-hand combat against attackers. The method is used by many police services and military forces around the world such as in the United States the FBI, the DEA, the marines, in France the GIGN, the RAID, the Foreign Legion and the French Foreign Legion. and in the United Kingdom the SAS.

The objective of Krav Maga is to learn defense in a minimum of training time. Krav Maga is not designed as an art but as a method of close combat. In this concern for efficiency, krav-maga is constantly evolving. However, it includes a large number of combat techniques from the foot and fist boxing, from jiujitsu and struggle. The training differs from that of martial arts or combat sports in that the goal is neither competition nor cultural or physical practice. Added to this is the absence of a priori rules and priorities. The method must be integrated quickly for the training of soldiers, it does not rely on particular physical qualities and is therefore not reserved for elite troops. Simplicity is key. Krav Maga is based on reflexes and speed of action. Classes have been given to children for a long time, without danger.

In his time, Imi Lichtenfeld founded seven principles of krav-maga. Krav-maga is a principle of prevention and common sense to “avoid finding yourself in a dangerous situation” (for example: when hitchhiking, avoid unattractive individuals, avoid crossing a dangerous area on foot in the city, etc.) Krav-maga is a technique ofself-defenseBased on the “natural reflexes” of the human body. Defend yourself and attack by the shortest route and from the position you find yourself, prioritizing “the minimum risk-taking for yourself”. Depending on the situation, and as necessary, depending on the danger represented by the adversary, try to discourage him “by establishing a dialogue”. Use “sensitive points” of the human body (eyes, throat, genitals) to reach or subdue the opponent. Try to use “all objects within reach” as a priority, then the body’s natural weapons as a last resort. No laws (no rules to respect), no limitations in terms of techniques, no prohibitions, “anything goes”.

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